A consistent cup: Starts with the Coffee.

This is the start of a series to our blog. We’ll be posting about what it takes for a coffee shop to produce, what we like to call a “Consistent Cup” of coffee.

It Starts with the Coffee. 

Knowing where your coffee comes from is HUGE.

Many coffee growers around the world struggle to make ends meet (their yearly salary may average only $300). So where we source our coffee from matters to us. We chose a local company we could stand behind: Higher Grounds, out of Traverse City. They offer the opportunity for you to engage with the cycle every time you order and purchase a cup of coffee. (See the “Circle Model” as they described below).

“The circle model. Higher Grounds provides coffee drinkers with the opportunity to engage in a cycle that begins with, and returns to, our partners in coffee-growing regions. They’re fully engaged in that cycle, sourcing coffee directly from farmers through ownership of Importer Cooperative Coffees and circle back to the farmers and their communities via their sister nonprofit, On the Ground.”

Their secret recipe for the best cup of coffee in the world is achieved through this “human-centric” approach.

Higher Grounds Coffee is also a B-Corp, with commitment to these standards: 


A commitment to organic standards. Only 100% certified coffee is purchased and transitional organic coffee from small-scale farmers.

Direct, long-term relationships, transparency in their contracts with farmers an pay above fair trade prices.

Investing in producer communities via their sister nonprofit, On the Ground, which has partners and projects in five countries and enables a strong connection between growers and consumer.

Investing in the health, financial security, and community engagement of their staff via a flexible wellness program, health savings accounts, 401Ks, and paid volunteer hours.

Caring for our environment by delivering coffee by bike locally year-round, using recycled and recyclable products in-house, and composting our spent coffee grounds.

Continuing to care for our friends at origin. 

With a commitment to people, investing in community, caring for the environment and organic growing standards, we’re proud to serve Higher Grounds coffee at Bayside Coffee & Tea in Suttons Bay. We use their beans to make special order coffee drinks behind the counter and also offer a self-serve coffee area featuring 3 options from Higher Grounds, plus a flavorful Decaf option.

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