Loyalty Program

Two loyalty programs now available, at BSCT

Deluxe Plan // Loyalty Program

The deluxe plan offers three different ways to get discounts on merchandise and free drinks. It requires registration. Customers will be given a key tag card with a bar code on it. One can either log into the system with the card or by entering their telephone number.

Participants can earn one free drink after purchasing 10 qualifying drinks, and most of our drinks are qualifying. Participants will also a free drink on their birthday.

The total amount of each purchase a customer makes is added to the combined total of previous purchases. As you reach specified levels, you will be issued vouchers to use for discounts on food, drinks, and merchandise.

We will periodically offer specials and customers enrolled in the program will be notified by email or text of the special. Customers will receive points for their participation. When a customer has accumulated enough points, they will receive a voucher for discounts. This plan does add to the time it takes to check out.

Punch Card // Loyalty Program

For those who want a faster check out and are happy with just the 11 th drink being free, we will soon start offering a punch card. When ten punches have been obtained, the holder gets a free drink. We will start this on July 15 th, or as soon as we received the cards from the printer.

Anyone who has one of our older loyalty cards needs to either update to the new deluxe program, or get a punch card. Those that have drink credits on the old card will get those credits when they register for the new card.

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