Your local "foodie" coffeehouse! Open for Breakfast, Lunch & your afternoon "Pick-me-up."

A selection of our freshly baked cookies & muffins, Croissants from 9 Bean Rows, Breakfast Burrito, & Sandwiches, Quiche, Oatmeal, Hot Soup and Trish's Dishes Sandwiches!

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Muffins & Cookies

Made fresh in-house, daily

Also offering Gluten-Free muffin selections.

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$4.25 | Get an individual slice from our daily selection of Quiches.


Fresh daily from 9 Bean Rows

Plain - $2.75 | The delicious original.

Chocolate- $3.25 | Filled with chocolate. Even better warmed up. Just ask!

Almond - $3.50 | Covered in sliced almonds filled with marzipan. Sweet and delicious.

Cinnamon - $3.50 | Butter, sugar and cinnamon. Try it warmed!

Cream Cheese - $3.50 | Filled with sweetened cream cheese, a croissant cheese Danish.

Feta & Spinach - $4.45 | Filled with a savory blend of feta cheese and spinach. Very Yummy!

Ham & Cheese - $4.75 | Makes a great breakfast. Have it warmed!


3 brands & lots of flavors to choose from! Made with nuts, seeds, grains, and spices. Very good and ready to eat in 3 minutes! Eat in or take out.


Umpqua brand ~ Not your Grandpa's oatmeal! 

Umpqua brand oatmeal's are GLUTEN-FREE, NON-GMO verified, and have 8-9 grams of Protein.

Earnest Eats Oatmeal

Earnest Eats brand's oatmeal's are WHEAT-FREE, NON-GMO verified, VEGAN Certified, and contain 8-9 grams of Protein.

Modern Oats

Small farms, gluten-free & Non-GMO Verified, perfect whole rolled oats.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast Burrito - $4.25 | Sausage, Egg & Cheese with potatoes, onions and green peppers in a flour tortilla.

Gluten-Free Breakfast Burrito - $4.25 | in a corn tortilla.

Breakfast Sandwich - $3.25 | Sausage, Egg and Cheese on a Biscuit.

Vegetarian Egg Sandwich - $6.00 | Veggie Sausage, fresh fried egg and cheese served on a 9Bean Rows Croissant.

Sausage Biscuits & Gravy - $2.95 | The gravy is inside the biscuit!

Sausage Biscuit - $2.95 | The classic just sausage on a biscuit.


From Trish’s Dishes in Leland, famous throughout Leelanau County.

Sandwiches - $5.95 each | Ask us to grill it for you! Choose from a fresh selection of: Egg Salad, Cherry Chicken Salad, Turkey Wasabi, Turkey & Swiss, or Ham & Swiss.

Trish's Fried Egg Breakfast Sandwich - $6.75 | Ask and we will heat if for you.


Available for lunch or grab a to-go lunch in the morning.

In addition, we locally source: 

Spices & Flavors from Suttons Bay Trading Co. 

ERG! Snack Bars, Traverse City, MI

9Bean Rows Snack Bars

Grocer's Daughter Chocolates, Empire, MI

Drink Menu

And to drink, we offer a wide range of possibilities from fine teas to local coffee, smoothies and more!